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Blockchain solution for the Worldwide 1.5 trillion dollar annual Agriculture trade utilizing HempTRAC for data, HempPAY for payments,
and HempDEX for global hemp exchange.
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Food production shortages due to climatic or unforeseen issues are overcome by Global Agricultural Trade, & the future progression of Agricultural Markets requires secure auditing and transparent information relay. Global Agriculture Markets face increased volatility directly affecting the farmers, supply chain, stakeholders, & consumers.

Accurate economic models are elementary in presenting trade agreements.

Increasing food prices & short term volatility of commodity prices drive the advancement of Agricultural Markets which lie in the core of policy debates.

HempCoin’s solution relies on state of the art data collection, bitcoin backed security, and no publishing fees for users of the network.

markets for higher value added agricultural and food products are evolving

HempCoin is immersed in the development of specific supply chains, and the labelling attached to them, for the different stakeholders involved (producers, processors, retailers, consumers) in the different functional (Non GM, Organic, BioDynamic) industries.

Biotechnologies imply that more economical activities are interlinked and independent from natural resources, the importance of which needs to be securely audited.

HempCoin serves as the benchmark for assessing the medium-term impact of the Global Agriculture Market and policy issues concerning Global Trade.

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